Cheddar Jams 9.23.08

I gotta say, man, I think 2008 has been a helluva year musically. Here’s some jams I’ve been loving recently:

Blu & Mainframe (aka Johnson&Jonson) ~ “Bout It Bout It”

This Johnson&Jonson album is incredible. Blu’s spit and Mainframe’s beats are pure butter.

TV On The Radio ~ “Golden Age”

I’m a huge TVOTR fan after seeing them kill it live at the Fillmore last year. Their new album, Dear Science, is their best one yet in my opinion. Big ups to subtly political Black rockers from Brooklyn (and one talented White guy)! This video is bananas.

Young Jeezy ~ “Put On”

What can I say? I just really enjoy Jeezy albums. The man’s voice sounds like a force of nature and he’s got bookoo swag to back it up. This video and single have been out for awhile but it still goes hard. Also peep the dope interview he just did with the folks at HipHopDX.


3 responses to “Cheddar Jams 9.23.08

  1. Thanks for sharing – have been hearing nothing but raves about the TVOTR album, so I’m going to have to get that soon.

  2. I PUT ONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! I read that interview wit Jeezy the other day, it was hella raw. Blud, that Black President joint is 57 bronco stuey in the paint. “And I’ll be gotdamned if my rims aint too!!” Pfffffff. Ridiculously slappin’. Heard u finna be in the yay this weekend…that would be tight if it weren’t hella weak. I’ma miss yo ass, i’ma be in L.A. dancin on a table drinking vodka with lindsey lohan! I better run into you soon tho. Let’s hit up L.V. one mo gin’! haha!

  3. Awww damn, sun! Sucks I’ma miss you, homie, but have fun in la la land. Let me build my credit for a lil bit and then LV fasho!

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