Bambu ~ Exact Change

The homies Tad and Colin have already written reviews on this one, so I don’t want to just repeat what they have already eloquently put forth, but I had to give my own shout out to Bambu and call on everyone to cop his new album, “…Exact Change…

Bam’s always gotten love on The Cheddar Box, and this album is no different. Musically, the production slaps and carries a really cohesive sound. Lyrically, he’s dope as ever, riding the beats well and infusing the songs with an honest, progressive, unapologetic political analysis.

I admire and respect many aspects of a lot of emcees, but I respect and admire Bam as a whole person because with his albums, I always feel that in a sense, he gives you his whole self. This one is no different. It’s available for sale on the Beatrock website or on iTunes later this month.

Also be on the lookout for a new Bambu EP fully produced by Sabzi (Blue Scholars) in early 2009.


7 responses to “Bambu ~ Exact Change

  1. Amado and I have been listening to this album so much that we quote lyrics to each other daily. And every few days we choose a different song on the album to be our “anthem.” And all the other music we listen to now sounds so ignorant compared to Bambu’s. This album is a masterpiece and I look forward to anything Bambu puts out next.

  2. He really is a talented brother putting it down for APIs in such a dope way. Yo, that all Sabzi produced EP is supposed to be on some other shit, described as “Gnarls Barkley, but still rap, not singing.”

  3. Ok. So I guess I should have bought this yesterday.

  4. Rage, if you haven’t checked out Bambu (and the Native Guns crew he used to be in), you definitely should asap, I think it’s right up your alley, bro. Especially with how much of a Blue Scholars fan I know you are. Sabzi lent some production to Bam’s latest album and Geo shows up for an acapella guest spot. And again…Bambu EP fully produced by Sabzi in ’09!

  5. Yeah – I’m gonna have to do just that. I have Kiwi’s Summer Exposure mixtape and have heard bits and pieces of the Guns, but it’s time. Thanks!

  6. Speaking of radical Fil-Am emcees, have you heard Koba yet? Just waiting for that LP to drop.

  7. I luh the Daddy 7 months from now song. Very “Dear Mama”

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