Obama Vs. The Zombies

The McCain campaign looks like a burning wagon of shit right now, and it’s being run by a zombie! Don’t vote for zombies, America!

If you caught the last Presidential debate the other night, an interesting thing to note is that the “Joe the Plumber” guy being mentioned actually is named Sam. And he’s not a plumber, at least not a licensed one. And the whole issue he raised about not wanting his taxes to get raised? Turns out he owes $1,200 or more in unpaid taxes. McLame couldn’t stop mentioning this guy. That was your big “game changing” argument, Johnny? Pathetic. Then again, zombies were never known for their smarts (eating brains doesn’t translate to being intelligent).

Also, I first caught this on the homie Jamilah’s blog, but Campbell Brown gets some love for diffusing this whole ridiculous “Obama is an Arab/Muslim” thing that popped up at that McCain rally the other day.


2 responses to “Obama Vs. The Zombies

  1. just say no to zombies. joe the plumber turned out to be sam the douchebag? who knew? oh well. with all this going on and polls pointing obamas way, why do i still feel like he’s gonna lose? hmmmmmmmm.

    holy pseudo-christian-white-racism batman!

  2. hahaha. too much. McStain is hurtin people he’s claimin to want to help as he “supposedly” campaigns for them…how ironic. hmm. if you cant lift your arms over your head u cant be president. that’s a low blow, no disrespect to ppl that cant do that for real, but then again FUCK john mccaint. peace.

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