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Happy Thankstaking ’08!

Chris Rock reflecting on the meaning of Thanksgiving via “Everybody Hates Chris,” the really underrated tv show based on his childhood.

Happy Thankstaking/Thingstaken, y’all. It’s that time of year again where we thank the European pilgrims for colonizing this land through the rape, pillaging and genocidal spread of smallpox to the indigenous people of what we now call good ‘ol America.

My friend Sara has put together possibly one of the greatest lists ever with the best Thanksgiving tv/movie moments.

Terrible histories of genocide and colonialism aside, it is nice to take some time out to be with loved ones, eat good food and appreciate all we have to be thankful for. Whenever I get into a negative state of mind, I always try to tell myself, “It could be worse, think about how hard it would be if I didn’t have arms and legs” (and if by chance anyone is reading this who really doesn’t have arms and legs, you could say how hard it would be without a brain or something, you get the point). Cheesy, I know, but it is The Cheddar Box after all.

For a more intellectual reflection on the holiday, peep this dope article over at SleptOn Magazine.


Pixar’s “UP” trailer

New Pixar film, UP, looks pretty dope. Apparently, that’s an Asian kid that goes on the adventure with the grumpy old guy!

Janelle Monae ~ “Many Moons”

I’m kind of in love with Janelle Monae, who has created this dope science fiction universe through her music. She takes on the persona of a futuristic cyborg, Cindi Mayweather, who is a fugitive on the run because she falls in love with a human, which is outlawed in this future world. Yeah, I’ve definitely fantasized about the person she falls for being…ya know…a tall, half-Chinese half-Japanese guy from a futuristic version of Oakland. Anyway, I think this video/short film for “Many Moons” is sick.

New Watchmen Trailers

A couple new Watchmen trailers. I can’t believe we have to wait until March to see this damn thing.

Happy Box Day

Happy 16 month birthday to The Cheddar Box! Yes, as of this day, the Box has been in effect for over a year now. Although it is a box, The Cheddar Box also strives to break out of boxes, hence celebrating a random number of months as its birthday. Happy Box day everyone.

Anthony Morrow is a Beast

The Warriors gave undrafted rookie gaurd Athony Morrow his first NBA start Saturday afternoon against the LA Clippers and he proceeded to beast out for 37 points, breaking the rookie record for most points as a first time starter. It was especially gratifying because we were playing against the Clippers, who we traded stars with in the offseason (former Warriors star point gaurd Baron Davis went to the Clips, while the Dubs got former Clipper forward Corey Magette). Furthermore, Morrow went to college at Georgia Tech here in Atlanta, so I’m loving another BAY-TL connection. Go Dubs!

Scholarly Game


I got a chance to peep Blue Scholars last night at club Vinyl in Atlanta, as they wrap up the short, twelve day east coast tour they’ve been on.

I think this is the third time I’ve seen them perform live, and I have to say, they continue to impress me. Now, without even taking their live show performances into account, I’m a fan regardless because of Geo’s dope lyrics/political analysis coupled with Sabzi’s ridiculous beats. Seriously, his production game is nasty, and the new tracks I heard them perform last night slapped real hard.

However, I’ve really come to respect these brothers for their hustle and how I’ve seen them grow and continue to develop their whole craft: from the music side, to the business side, to the performance side. Much respect is due for forming their own independent record label, Massline Media, and then signing a national distribution deal with Rawkus Records, meaning they retain their indie status and control over their art but gain access to national distribution networks and are then able to hop on national tours so that west coast southern transplants like myself get to see them perform live in the ATL.

Secondly, I really like how they’ve developed their live performances over the years. Seeing as how they come from Seattle, WA which was an indie rock hub back in the days of Nirvana, they have started incorporating some genre bending elements in their live shows, like Geo spittin verses over Modest Mouse or Cure instrumentals. Last night was the first time I’ve seen them do that live (after hearing Sabzi hint at it in this video and then continue to flip a nasty TV On The Radio remix), and the hipsterish crowd that came out to the show was lovin it.

If you ain’t up on the Scholars yet, check them out and support good music.