Nene Gets Beaned

Post-election thoughts are coming soon. For now, pro basketball is off and running again, and since my fantasy football team is pretty sad this year, bring on the hoop rock! My Warriors have a lot to prove, but everyone loves a good underdog story.

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5 responses to “Nene Gets Beaned

  1. MMMMM. Hurts so good! Beans is the man. The Latvian Lady Killer is finna go super stuey this year, i hope they play HELLA more games on ESPN just for you Kori…and so i can get those “kori’s hella juiced right now!!! and so I’m getting even more juiced than I already was now!!!” texts from you. I just picture you at ESPN zone yellin hella loud and shit. Haha. Hell yeah. Oh yeah. GOBAMA!

  2. oh yea…how bout that Brandon Wright kid huh?? And did u peep Belinelli gettin some real life action and hitting that 3 in the 3rd quarter? You can still hear the crowd gasp in anticipation every time that fool gets ready to shoot. haha.

  3. 1st off: LOL @ “Latvian Lady Killer!” Its funny cuz its true. =P B-Wright was making me feel like an arsehole the other night cuz of all my “we need to trade that cat now” talk, but good for him and good for us! Hate to be a Debbie Downer, but for some reason I kept thinking about hwo I wished Matt Barnes was still out there jumping up and down. =P At least he’s shining out in Phoenix! Go DUBS!!!

    Word to Marco Bellinelli and Nellie’s Belly,

  4. buke is the motherfuckin man for this one. dont pay attention to the nene and 1 following the block…

  5. Buke is quickly becoming my favorite player in post-BD Warriors land. Much love to all y’all and to ESPN Zone for allowing a yay area transplant in Atlanta to continue to be an avid Dubs fan.


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