Scholarly Game


I got a chance to peep Blue Scholars last night at club Vinyl in Atlanta, as they wrap up the short, twelve day east coast tour they’ve been on.

I think this is the third time I’ve seen them perform live, and I have to say, they continue to impress me. Now, without even taking their live show performances into account, I’m a fan regardless because of Geo’s dope lyrics/political analysis coupled with Sabzi’s ridiculous beats. Seriously, his production game is nasty, and the new tracks I heard them perform last night slapped real hard.

However, I’ve really come to respect these brothers for their hustle and how I’ve seen them grow and continue to develop their whole craft: from the music side, to the business side, to the performance side. Much respect is due for forming their own independent record label, Massline Media, and then signing a national distribution deal with Rawkus Records, meaning they retain their indie status and control over their art but gain access to national distribution networks and are then able to hop on national tours so that west coast southern transplants like myself get to see them perform live in the ATL.

Secondly, I really like how they’ve developed their live performances over the years. Seeing as how they come from Seattle, WA which was an indie rock hub back in the days of Nirvana, they have started incorporating some genre bending elements in their live shows, like Geo spittin verses over Modest Mouse or Cure instrumentals. Last night was the first time I’ve seen them do that live (after hearing Sabzi hint at it in this video and then continue to flip a nasty TV On The Radio remix), and the hipsterish crowd that came out to the show was lovin it.

If you ain’t up on the Scholars yet, check them out and support good music.


5 responses to “Scholarly Game

  1. damn, geo spit over a cure track?

    that brotha must really not sleep. besides movin the crowd, dood is almost a full-time movie critic! peep game:

    tad la rock

  2. I was not even knowing. Damn, he’s like a not wack, pro-brown, Filipino Roger Ebert with hip hop swagger!

  3. That piece over “Close to Me” was awesome. Much respect to the Scholars and the whole Massline family.

  4. Man, the way they flipped “Close to Me” was the highlight of the show for me. Yeah, I have to admit that I’ve listened to just as much Cure as I have Tupac. Like Geo says: “Good music is good music!”


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