Happy Box Day

Happy 16 month birthday to The Cheddar Box! Yes, as of this day, the Box has been in effect for over a year now. Although it is a box, The Cheddar Box also strives to break out of boxes, hence celebrating a random number of months as its birthday. Happy Box day everyone.


5 responses to “Happy Box Day

  1. Break out the Patron from it’s box and lets have a shot!

  2. and…HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, Chedder Box!!
    love you!

  3. Cheers to the box, and I’m definitely down with celebrating nontraditional birthdays/anniversaries.

  4. its a celebration snitches! much love to the cheddarbox for igniting a (mini) movement in the bay tho! i mightve never caught on if not for u chendo. stay beasting dear brother.


    p.s. howabout that Al for Crawford swap? Now we have 17 guards. Bellinelli’s hope has all but flown out the window. =P oh well.

  5. Long live the (blog squad) movement!

    And yeah, the Dubs now have bookoo guards but I’m actually really feeling the trade, Crawford instantly adds another 20 points a night.

    Peace, King.

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