Lewis, Luda, T.I. & Jeezy for Jim Martin


Unfortunately, US Senatorial candidate Jim Martin lost the runoff election here in Georgia yesterday to incumbent Republican Senator Saxby Chambliss. I liked Martin because he was pretty progressive on a lot of issues, which is a big deal in the ragingly conservative stronghold that is Georgia.

However, the homie Sara posted some great pics from a Martin rally that took place last Monday evening, the night before the election. Congressman John Lewis, a legendary organizer in the Civil Rights Movement, was in attendance, along with rappers Young Jeezy, Ludacris & T.I. Much love to celebrities using their influence to engage in politics! It was good to see a symbolic bridge between representatives from the Civil Rights generation and the Hip Hop generation, folks that are so often pitted against each other.


Stay hopeful, Georgia, us progressive Georgians are going to keep on grinding.


2 responses to “Lewis, Luda, T.I. & Jeezy for Jim Martin

  1. This is probably the coolest thing that the Obama campaign has done for popular culture. He has gotten celebrities to think and act and use their fame for change. Go ‘head.

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