808s & “Good Morning”

The fact that Kanye West released two albums this year completely different from each other, but both brilliant, kind of speaks to his abilities. Think whatever you want about the guy, but you can’t say he isn’t talented. Both albums, Graduation and 808s & Heartbreak, were some of my favorites from a pretty solid 2008 year of music, in my opinion.

The video to the opening track to Graduation, “Good Morning,” directed by my Nihonjin bretheren and artistic beast, Takashi Murakami, is probably one of my favorite videos ever, and I’ve set my alarm so that I wake up to this every morning.

He does the animated video thing again on “Heartless,” from 808s & Heartbreak, which makes me think he should just ditch live action videos all together.


One response to “808s & “Good Morning”

  1. Kanye GOES! All the shit he talks (arrogant as it can sound coming off) he has pretty much backed up. I’m able to deal with ego’s when music is incredible (i love hip hop, if i couldnt deal with ego’s where would i be?). If I had an alarm clock, I would Hella be on the same shit Korillation. holler.


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