Rickey Henderson

Former Oakland A’s player and Oakland native Rickey Henderson was inducted to the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame earlier this week. The Box has to give him some love because he’s my favorite A’s player and one of my favorite overall baseball players, period. Arguably the best lead off hitter to ever play the game, he also didn’t even officially retire from league play until late 2007, and jokes about still wanting to play now at the age of 50. Congrats, Rickey, I have fond memories of you helping the A’s sweep the Giants in the Battle of the Bay 1989 World Series, probably some of my earliest memories ever.

I’m kind of checked out of following baseball these days, mostly because:  1) the A’s suck; 2) their racist, douchebag owner Lew Wolff is going to remove the team from Oakland and take them to Fremont; and 3) I live in Atlanta now and don’t really want to support the Braves because I can’t stand sports teams who use any kind of Native American imagery for their franchises.

We’ve talked about this a lot in the past here at The Box, but I’ll say it again: it’s about time for cities or non-profit entities to organize to take back sports franchises from douchebag billionaires so we don’t have to continue dealing with the threat of having our beloved teams move away; or our tax dollars going to subsidize building huge stadiums that have only ever proven to devestate the neighborhoods they move into; or sky rocketing ticket/food prices  (it sure as hell isn’t a family event anymore when you have to shell out hundreds of dollars for your family to go, at least not for working class folks). Wouldn’t it be dope for profits made from sports teams to be reinvested in things like education and healthcare? It’s possible if cities own their sports teams, and you do that through a process called municipalization. The Green Bay Packers in the National Football League are an example of this.


2 responses to “Rickey Henderson

  1. Man – have missed your posts. This one is a classic: 1) I’ve loved watching Ricky play from his Yankee days (not a fan, just a New Yorker); 2) I’ve checked out of baseball too though it was the one sport I knew fairly well, and 3) damn straight: we should own these teams. That could be the only way to get rid of the remnants of racism that remain in the names.

    Or maybe it would ensure that they are never changed.

  2. My fav Oakland A by FAR. The predecessor to Barry Bonds snatch-catch AND he never roided up!

    Kudos Rickey!

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