1.20.2009: On a cold day in DC…


I was fortunate to be able to share in celebrating with millions of other people the inauguration of Barack H. Obama to the presidency of the United States. It was surreal to be there, and I joked with my friends and family that Obama has created an alternate reality in which human decency is restored (for real though, everyone in DC was mad friendly; even the police were helpful and didn’t make a single arrest!).


Although I don’t agree with Obama on all the issues, I respect him as a human being based on the small window of his personal life that we have been allowed to see, and am so happy to have an intelligent, rational person back in the big seat after the last eight years of Bush ridiculousness.

Of course, the homie Rage eloquently keeps things in perspective, telling us to:

“…Take a deep, collective breath, because regardless of how this election turned out, there would still be homeless folks on the streets, poor people struggling to maintain some kind of stability in a rapidly changing world, and inequality, hatred, and violence acting out on everyone from individuals to nation-states. We’re all yearning to be free, but are our definitions the same?”

One man can’t fix a huge, fucked up, bureaucratic empire (or even have the desire to, for that matter), but I hold out hope that we will see at least see some moderate change for the better under an Obama administration. Lord knows we need it right now, both locally and globally.

(President and First Lady Obama greeting the crowd at the Neighborhood Ball, kind of summarizing why I dig his swagger and general messaging)


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