A Song for Ourselves World Premiere 2.28.09


Gotta give the homie Tad Nakamura some shine and encourage those on the west coast to hit up the premiere of his new film, “A Song for Ourselves,” on February 28th in LA.

“During the 1970s when Asians in America were invisible to the country–and more importantly even to themselves–the late Chris Iijima’s music provided the voice and identity an entire generation had been in search of. Through animated photographs, intimate home movies, archival footage and Chris’ own songs, A Song For Ourselves shows how Chris’ music unleashed the contagious energy of the Asian American Movement with an unrelenting passion for social justice and a life well lived.”

I was very blessed to know Chris Iijima and his wonderful family personally. As one of the most brilliant, talented and progressive brothers I have ever had the privilege of knowing/learning from, I was deeply saddened by his death a few years ago and thought he still had so much to share with the world. With this film, I’m happy that in spite of his passing, audiences will still have the opportunity to meet Chris in some way and learn from his experiences.

The premiere will also feature performances by Blue Scholars, Bambu and Kiwi, who are in my opinion some of the most talented brothers in the hip hop game right now. Don’t sleep, west coasters! It’s gonna be a really dope show. For more info and to purchase tickets, check out the film’s blog.

You can watch Tad’s first film, “Yellow Brotherhood,” over at vimeo now.

An iPhone/iPod version can also be downloaded here.


2 responses to “A Song for Ourselves World Premiere 2.28.09

  1. If ever I wished I were on the West Coast, it would be right on the day of this premiere. Not just for the performances, of course, but also to check this out. Chris Iijima’s life, words, and music have been an inspiration for many years. Thanks for posting.

  2. Me and you both, bro! I’m not going to be able to make it either, but I hear Tad might organize an NYC premiere at some point, I’ll keep you posted.


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