Help NM Abolish the Death Penalty!!!


They did it! New Mexico now joins New Jersey and the other states that have chosen to abolish the death penalty!

My friend James over at Georgians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty sent this action alert out, and I urge everyone to please take a few minutes of their time to follow the steps below and contribute to the effort to abolish the death penalty in New Mexico. There is actually legislation abolishing capital punishment that has passed both their House and Senate and now only needs to be signed by Gov. Richardson! Let’s do this!!


As you know, New Mexico is on the verge of abolishing the death penalty. The bill has passed the House and Senate, and is now on Gov. Bill Richardson’s desk. He has until Wednesday at midnight to either veto or sign abolition into law, and he’s requested to hear public opinion on the issue as he considers his decision. We all have a chance to let the Governor know how we feel about the issue and why abolition is so important — it doesn’t matter what state you’re from. There are three ways to get this message across:

1) Vote in the online poll at the Albuquerque Journal (which has actively opposed abolition):
I just voted, the results were literally 50/50… Help push this one over the edge!

2) Call the hotline set up by the Governor to weigh in on abolition:
Let them know you SUPPORT HB-285!

3) Send the Governor an email through his website:
Urge him to support and sign HB-285!

We’re getting down to the wire folks, and this could go either way. NM needs everyone’s help to push this in the right direction and end state killings in one more state.

With Hope,


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