Challenging Cali Republicrats & Democrans

Apparently, Republican Party voter registration in many California districts is “dropping like a rock.” Thus, the Democratic Party machine is eying many of those districts hungrily, with hopes of gaining seats in the 2010 Congressional elections.

I’ve got another idea. If the Republican Party is losing its relevancy in California, why not form a third party that can be a truly progressive alternative to  the Democrats? The Dems have shown time and time again that, while sometimes much more liberal than their Republican counterparts, they’re for the most part a bunch of rich millionaires who aren’t really down for the truly sweeping progressive change that we need (just look at how they marginalize the progressive members of their party like Dennis Kucinich or Cynthia McKinney before she got disgusted with them and became a Green Party member).

I hope Cali progressives don’t get caught in those fear based arguments that say the only choice we have is to support the Dems. We don’t have to support them, especially when they don’t earn our support.


One response to “Challenging Cali Republicrats & Democrans

  1. You know I’m down for this program.

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