Live from the Dirty 30 Lounge

I did have a short run as a dj during college, rocking house parties, open mics, school dances and a few club gigs. I loved it, and while I’m pretty much retired from the game at this point, I don’t think I’ll ever sell my turntables, and will forever believe that vinyl records and a good stereo is better than any other audio format, hands down.

Anyways, I threw together a short mix over the last couple days with some of the few records that I brought with me from Cali out to Atlanta, as well as some choice quotes from Angela Davis.  You can download it at the link below. Enjoy!

Click here to download.

Live from the Dirty 30 Lounge (aka my apartment), vol. 1:

1. “The prison situation is horrendous”

2.  “1-Luv feat. Leviti” ~ E40

3. “Find a Way” ~ A Tribe Called Quest

4. “The Love Song feat. Mos Def” ~ Bush Babees

5. “ATLiens (Broken Tape Decks Remix)” ~ Outkast

6. “Cheeba Cheeba (Tex Mix feat. Martin Luther)” ~ Zion I & Aceyalone

7. “Work It” ~ Native Guns (Kiwi & Bambu)

8. “Played List” ~ Maspyke

9. “Karma” ~ Cunninlynguists

10. “Can It Be All So Simple” ~ Wu-Tang Clan

11. “If I Ruled The World feat. Lauryn Hill” ~ Nas

12. “Can’t Knock The Hustle feat. Mary J. Blige” ~ Jay-Z

13. “She Lives In My Lap feat. Rosario Dawson” ~ Andre 3000

14. “Bustin Loose Break” ~ Dj Paul Nice & Korillation

15. “Sunwheel” ~ Genelec & Memphis Reigns

16. “Things do not have to remain this way”


3 responses to “Live from the Dirty 30 Lounge

  1. awesome – thanks for sharing. I hear “radical radio” somewhere down the line…

  2. OMFYee. =)

    dj spinja like maaaaaahhh!!!!

  3. Nice!!

    Buck Nasty in the Building fa sho…

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