Starbury in the Clutch

Stephon Marbury coming through in the clutch in the Celtics come back win over the Magic last night! I will always have love for this brother because of his Starbury line of cheap kicks and clothing. It’s his way of trying to fight Nike’s continual marketing of $200 shoes to inner-city kids, shoes that probably cost $2 to manufacture, and I respect that. Big ups to athletes trying to do something political, and offereing some form of resistance against huge corporations is a dope ass effort (it would be even more sick if he took it one step further and created a factory in the Brooklyn neighborhood he grew up in and hired folks from there to make the shoes. Right now, his stuff is still manufactured in China, meaning with sweat shop labor).

His best playing days are well behind him, but after basically being benched by the Knicks for a whole year, I’m glad he’s now with the defending champs and still able to beast out when called upon.


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