Sorry for the lack of posts recently, but The Box has moved out of the ATL and has temporarily relocated to Central America. I’m studying Spanish for the next several weeks at an amazing school in Guatemala called the Proyecto Linguistico Quetzalteco de Espanol (PLQE). It’s definitely a blessing to be able to travel in the midst of a global economic recession, and I’m only able to do this with some savings that I´ve put away over the last year and a half. My Chinese side says: “Save your money, kids, even if it´s only $50-$100 a month.” Who knows, that could be the deciding factor when you decide to leave your job and do something spontaneously ridiculous.

More to come soon, but in the mean time, check out PLQE’s website. I’ve only been here two days but am really impressed with the school and the folks who run it.


One response to “PLQE

  1. u go so tough, brotha. keep shining and working ur ass off in central america. we’ll do the same back in the yay. see u when i see u homie. stay up!


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