Honduras Coup

I was supposed to travel by bus through Honduras on my way to Nicaragua, but the Honduran borders have been closed due to the crazy political situation there right now. Naturally, the country, and its people have been on my mind a lot. Counterpunch has been running some great analysis on the events there, so definitely peep their coverage if you want to get a better idea of the situation beyond the frame of the corporate media.


2 responses to “Honduras

  1. I’ve returned from my dose of Oakland. Your words and Colin’s link me back to the world beyond this ocean and I am truly grateful. I am sorry we missed each other in our paths to meet in the bay. Yet I have the utmost confidence we will meet soon enough. In Hawaiian, ike, means both: to see and knowledge. In your writing I hear both. Thank you for words, transcending lifelines and lifetimes through distance via internet and photos, this island girl is so grateful to you. Be well my friend. Until again…

  2. Sorry to have missed you, Diz! Thank you for the kind words.



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