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Warriors: New And Improved…With More White Guys!

belinelli_300607.jpg scg_perovic_060810.jpg crosherea.jpg

The Warriors parted ways with backup center Adonal Foyle earlier this week when he agreed to a contract buyout, essentially making him a free agent. It was expected, the guy is unfortunately just not that great of a player and was making a ton of money. However, he had great politics and was outspoken about a lot of good issues, so I’ll miss him for that. What’s really lame to me is that in the off season so far, the Warriors seem determined to add as many goober White guys to the roster as they can. Marco Belinelli? Kosta Perovic? AUSTIN FRIGGIN CROSHERE?? What the hell happened to trying to get Kevin Garnett? Now I know what everyone is thinking: “Gee, Cheddar, whaddya have against goober White guys? Aren’t your comments reeking of reverse racism?” First of all, reverse racism is a bullshit argument to ever use. Second, lets just look at the facts. If anything was learned last year, its that the Warriors need to stay away from the goober White guys to be competitive. As long as Mike Dunleavy and Troy Murphy were on the team, we sucked. Soon as we trade those guys, we make the playoffs for the first time in 13 years. Now we have no J-Rich, no KG, Brandan Wright is injured, and we’re left with…Austin friggin Croshere. Brace yourselves, Warriors fans, its gonna be a long off season.