About The Box

I’m an Asian American brother who has recently returned home to Oakland, Cali after an amazing couple of years in the Dirty South, New Orleans and Atlanta to be exact. I like politics, sports and art with substance. The Cheddar Box is my take on all those things. The thoughts expressed here are solely my own. I don’t claim to be objective and I’m not trying to win anyone over, although feedback and other thoughts are always welcome.


9 responses to “About The Box

  1. Kori, you are the man! I’m already hooked on some chedda and you know I am a fan of cheeeese. Keep your wise (and very well written I must say) words a comin’ because well, I need mo!

  2. Yo,
    I LOVE your blog page. Thank you for giving me yet another distraction on the internet from my bumbleclot 9-5 job.

    DUDE! me likey.


  3. mr. k.chedda,

    big ups on the box! but don’t sleep on my lakers son!

    why do chinese men like to have their own blogs?


  4. yes! i love it. but i’m new to blogland, i need to get some tips from you…like how to put up what you are listening to, reading etc…whats the difference between categories, tags, etc…maybe i could buy you coffee this weekend and you could share your wisdom…

    I’m so glad we’re friends!


  5. KC, I am now a fan of my first blog ever. Keep that cheese flowing, but go easy on that whine… (see what I did there?)

  6. dont ask me how i came across this….but u gotta talk to this dude.


    • Uh-oh, looks like it’s a racist marketing scam.

      Says the “Hiptics” site:

      “I am purposely not linking to the site, because i don’t want to give them any undue traffic. It’s essentially the government grant programs which can be used for municipalities, promoting historical interests, the disabled etc… The guy in the question mark suit on TV plugs the same thing. They are both scams, however the language used in “Chedda’s Bling Blog” is speciffically marketed towards African Americans. With its fake Louis Vitton Background, purposeful ersatz,and materialistic attitude its practically the minstrel show of marketing. The company responsible for this is Grant Danger, from all the way over in the UK with an office in Nevada. You can give em a piece of your mind here: (1-888-276-8163)”

  7. this is a cool blog…i was looking for inspiration for my music label and what I want it to represent and I found a lot cool stuff on your site

  8. hey kori! do you remember me from college? shit, it’s crazy how i found yr blog! i recently heard of ali wong, cause she’s having a show next week in sf. so been reading up on her, and think she’s hilarious and amazing. then i find a picture of you and a link to yr blog on one of her old blog posts. so hi. hope yr well. i’m in oakland, too.

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