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Sin Nombre

Saw this film last night and was blown away. From first time writer/director Cary Fukunaga (who is also from Oakland, half-Japanese and attended UC Santa Cruz, my alma mater!! Sluggers doing it big!!), it’s an intense, harrowing look at the journey made by Central American immigrants as they travel on top of trains through Mexico, in hopes of crossing over to the US ; as well as their interactions with the real-life Mara Salvatrucha gang. The cast, visuals and Fukunaga’s direction is amazing. Highly recommended.

SF360 recently ran an interview with him, and he’s definitely got a pretty interesting background.




Just copped the new Fatgums X Bambu EP, “…A Peaceful Riot…,” off the Beatrock website and treated myself to a shirt as well. The EP is dope, with the always talented Fatgums (hip hop producer and med school student as well?? Go ‘head brotherman.) providing lush, slappin beats for the ever solid Bambu to rip with righteous, stereotype-killin’ lyrics.

Support a locally-owned, community-oriented business by getting your copy off the Beatrock website, but for those who don’t fool with physical CDs anymore, it’s also available for download on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Napster, etc.


This is just down the street from my apartment. A dope, although sad, reflection of the times.


Lupe Fiasco + FLCL

I saw this video and had an instantaneous “nerdgasm.”

Some brilliant youtuber took one of my favorite Lupe Fiasco songs, “Jedi Mind Tricks,” and combined it with scenes from one of my new favorite anime series, FLCL (Fooly Cooly).


Lupe Fiasco, “Jedi Mind Tricks”:

“They tryin’ to censor the influencer
Just makes me sicker, influenza, (yeah)
I’ll abide by the censorship,
Soon as they ride I’ll get back on my n***a shit,
Can’t reverse [song lyrics reversed]
The boy-game Advanced, complete the genesis,
I’ve broke bread with societies menaces,
I’ve dedicated sentences to the dead, and said hold your heads to my n***as doin’ sentences,
I send condolences to the victims but, threats to the witnesses, (Ugh)
On my path I was facing a paragraph, Myself,
So they sentiments is felt,
When you hate your own indiscriminate of self,
In a cell gotta make your home, cause you might never make it home,
Suicide on your side might commit it with your belt,
Keep your pants on homie, (uh)
Streets are damn so lonely, like only,
A bunch of n***as won’t help (nah),
That’s the enemy of stealth,
Plus if they get caught how you gonna keep your heart fatigue,
The hustler’s diet is the enemy of health, give you heart disease (uh),
Arteries hard but it’s hard to leave the bread alone,
Aren’t we hard headed, headed for harm, but don’t threat it homes,
From the twist tied to the butt,
We be rippin’ it up
From the horror to the cure, don’t force the issue,
To you my n***as in the war, may the force be with you (like uh)”


Like any good comic book nerd, I saw Watchmen last weekend along with millions of other people. It’s not a perfect movie by any stretch, but as a fan of the original comic book, I think it does a good job of transferring the core themes into a decent, watchable film.  I was just tripping out that I was seeing this story on the big screen, as many thought this was un-filmable material and its had a really troubled history of trying to get made.

More than anything, though, I’d still recommend people check out the book. It’s one of the most dense, layered and complex stories I’ve ever read.

Geo (of Blue Scholars) has a great guest review of the film up on his blog. Besides being one of the hardest working emcees in the rap game, Geo also manages to review almost a film a day on his blog (although the Watchmen review is from someone else).

And props to the Bay Area Chinese American brother Alex Tse for handling script duties for the film. Alex also wrote and produced the heavily slept on, Spike Lee-directed film Sucker Free City, about gangs in San Francisco which I dug.

Frozen River

I got a chance to peep this film, Frozen River, over the weekend. I dug it. It reminded me that there’s a whole lot of people in random towns throughout America that are struggling everyday to survive and hold on to a tiny piece of dignity in crazy times.

Senbei ~ Shikata Ga Nai Vol.II EP


The homie Colin (aka Senbei) just put out a new EP, Shikata Ga Nai Vol.II, for free ninety-nine online, and it’s hot fire. Click on the album artwork above to download. Features new music from Sen along with the homies Jeimil, Slavename, eM and Adriel of iLL-Literacy.

“…blasting on these motherf*ckas stopping our ascension, rapping strongly cuz our mothers taught us life’s a lesson and a blessing…”~LOST!