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Protect Insurance Companies PSA: Will Ferrell, Jon Hamm Speak Out Against The Public Option

Hilarious, “Obama WHY?”

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Denizen Kane ~ “Holdin’ Up The Wall”

While reflecting on a recently released report detailing even more shit that was fucked up about the situation surrounding the killing of Oscar Grant, I wanted to give Denizen Kane some shine. Very simple, dope video directed by Jason Mateo. This is the first new Kane track I’ve heard in awhile (and I’m late on it as I think its been making the rounds since early this year), so here’s hoping that the brother continues to put in work.

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Sin Nombre

Saw this film last night and was blown away. From first time writer/director Cary Fukunaga (who is also from Oakland, half-Japanese and attended UC Santa Cruz, my alma mater!! Sluggers doing it big!!), it’s an intense, harrowing look at the journey made by Central American immigrants as they travel on top of trains through Mexico, in hopes of crossing over to the US ; as well as their interactions with the real-life Mara Salvatrucha gang. The cast, visuals and Fukunaga’s direction is amazing. Highly recommended.

SF360 recently ran an interview with him, and he’s definitely got a pretty interesting background.

Starbury in the Clutch

Stephon Marbury coming through in the clutch in the Celtics come back win over the Magic last night! I will always have love for this brother because of his Starbury line of cheap kicks and clothing. It’s his way of trying to fight Nike’s continual marketing of $200 shoes to inner-city kids, shoes that probably cost $2 to manufacture, and I respect that. Big ups to athletes trying to do something political, and offereing some form of resistance against huge corporations is a dope ass effort (it would be even more sick if he took it one step further and created a factory in the Brooklyn neighborhood he grew up in and hired folks from there to make the shoes. Right now, his stuff is still manufactured in China, meaning with sweat shop labor).

His best playing days are well behind him, but after basically being benched by the Knicks for a whole year, I’m glad he’s now with the defending champs and still able to beast out when called upon.

Pacman Slays Hatton

This guy is just beastly. Manny Pacquiao’s reign continues.

Daichi is a Beast

I saw this over at AngryAsianMan, and it blew my mind. Get the eff outta here, man, this kid is a beast!

Josh Smith Beastin’ 4.19.09

J-Smoove went absolutely bananas last night.  Go Hawks!