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Denizen Kane ~ “Holdin’ Up The Wall”

While reflecting on a recently released report detailing even more shit that was fucked up about the situation surrounding the killing of Oscar Grant, I wanted to give Denizen Kane some shine. Very simple, dope video directed by Jason Mateo. This is the first new Kane track I’ve heard in awhile (and I’m late on it as I think its been making the rounds since early this year), so here’s hoping that the brother continues to put in work.

Vodpod videos no longer available.




Just copped the new Fatgums X Bambu EP, “…A Peaceful Riot…,” off the Beatrock website and treated myself to a shirt as well. The EP is dope, with the always talented Fatgums (hip hop producer and med school student as well?? Go ‘head brotherman.) providing lush, slappin beats for the ever solid Bambu to rip with righteous, stereotype-killin’ lyrics.

Support a locally-owned, community-oriented business by getting your copy off the Beatrock website, but for those who don’t fool with physical CDs anymore, it’s also available for download on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Napster, etc.

Daichi is a Beast

I saw this over at AngryAsianMan, and it blew my mind. Get the eff outta here, man, this kid is a beast!

Live from the Dirty 30 Lounge

I did have a short run as a dj during college, rocking house parties, open mics, school dances and a few club gigs. I loved it, and while I’m pretty much retired from the game at this point, I don’t think I’ll ever sell my turntables, and will forever believe that vinyl records and a good stereo is better than any other audio format, hands down.

Anyways, I threw together a short mix over the last couple days with some of the few records that I brought with me from Cali out to Atlanta, as well as some choice quotes from Angela Davis.  You can download it at the link below. Enjoy!

Click here to download.

Live from the Dirty 30 Lounge (aka my apartment), vol. 1:

1. “The prison situation is horrendous”

2.  “1-Luv feat. Leviti” ~ E40

3. “Find a Way” ~ A Tribe Called Quest

4. “The Love Song feat. Mos Def” ~ Bush Babees

5. “ATLiens (Broken Tape Decks Remix)” ~ Outkast

6. “Cheeba Cheeba (Tex Mix feat. Martin Luther)” ~ Zion I & Aceyalone

7. “Work It” ~ Native Guns (Kiwi & Bambu)

8. “Played List” ~ Maspyke

9. “Karma” ~ Cunninlynguists

10. “Can It Be All So Simple” ~ Wu-Tang Clan

11. “If I Ruled The World feat. Lauryn Hill” ~ Nas

12. “Can’t Knock The Hustle feat. Mary J. Blige” ~ Jay-Z

13. “She Lives In My Lap feat. Rosario Dawson” ~ Andre 3000

14. “Bustin Loose Break” ~ Dj Paul Nice & Korillation

15. “Sunwheel” ~ Genelec & Memphis Reigns

16. “Things do not have to remain this way”

Lupe Fiasco + FLCL

I saw this video and had an instantaneous “nerdgasm.”

Some brilliant youtuber took one of my favorite Lupe Fiasco songs, “Jedi Mind Tricks,” and combined it with scenes from one of my new favorite anime series, FLCL (Fooly Cooly).


Lupe Fiasco, “Jedi Mind Tricks”:

“They tryin’ to censor the influencer
Just makes me sicker, influenza, (yeah)
I’ll abide by the censorship,
Soon as they ride I’ll get back on my n***a shit,
Can’t reverse [song lyrics reversed]
The boy-game Advanced, complete the genesis,
I’ve broke bread with societies menaces,
I’ve dedicated sentences to the dead, and said hold your heads to my n***as doin’ sentences,
I send condolences to the victims but, threats to the witnesses, (Ugh)
On my path I was facing a paragraph, Myself,
So they sentiments is felt,
When you hate your own indiscriminate of self,
In a cell gotta make your home, cause you might never make it home,
Suicide on your side might commit it with your belt,
Keep your pants on homie, (uh)
Streets are damn so lonely, like only,
A bunch of n***as won’t help (nah),
That’s the enemy of stealth,
Plus if they get caught how you gonna keep your heart fatigue,
The hustler’s diet is the enemy of health, give you heart disease (uh),
Arteries hard but it’s hard to leave the bread alone,
Aren’t we hard headed, headed for harm, but don’t threat it homes,
From the twist tied to the butt,
We be rippin’ it up
From the horror to the cure, don’t force the issue,
To you my n***as in the war, may the force be with you (like uh)”

Senbei ~ Shikata Ga Nai Vol.II EP


The homie Colin (aka Senbei) just put out a new EP, Shikata Ga Nai Vol.II, for free ninety-nine online, and it’s hot fire. Click on the album artwork above to download. Features new music from Sen along with the homies Jeimil, Slavename, eM and Adriel of iLL-Literacy.

“…blasting on these motherf*ckas stopping our ascension, rapping strongly cuz our mothers taught us life’s a lesson and a blessing…”~LOST!

A Song For Ourselves Mixtape


Head on over to MassMovement to download the new “A Song For Ourselves” Mixtape. Mixed by DJ Phatrick, tracks by Blue Scholars, Bambu, Kiwi and A Grain of Sand (Chris Iijima, Nobuko Miyamoto, Charlie Chin). Production by Fatgums, Asi, Senz of Depth, and others. Shit is hot fire

I had to drive from Atlanta to Randolph County, Alabama last week for work and ran through this tape a bunch of times on the way there and back. I’m pretty sure I was the only Asian brother cruisin down interstate 20 in Alabama listening to some dope ass revolutionary Asian artists.

Go see the world premeire of the “A Song For Ourselves” film this Saturday in LA!