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David Banner Checks Congress

“Rap music is the voice of the underbelly of America. And in most cases, America wants to hide the negative that it does to its people. Hip Hop is that voice. And how dare America even consider not giving us the opportunity to be heard”

~David Banner

Lawmakers, civil rights activists and music industry executives met on Capitol Hill recently to discuss the “controversial or offensive content” the government feels that Hip Hop is portraying. Rapper David Banner, above, gives an amazing testimony in defense of Hip Hop. How is it that the US government can continue to engage in terrible wars, shady business deals and oppression, but blame America’s problems on the content of Hip Hop music? What this comes down to is exactly what Banner highlights: Its okay for the White social elite of America to engage in and profit off of negativity, but not okay for Black People to profit off of negativity. Fuck that. Congress gets a big Fuck You from the Box.