Vick Jailed: Are You Happy, America?

Michael Vick Supporters Michael Vick Protestors

Former NFL quarterback Michael Vick was sentenced to 23 months in prison earlier this week for his role in funding a dogfighting operation and helping to kill the dogs that couldn’t perform. I’m stunned. I thought a year at most, as the prosecutors had proposed a 12 to 18 month sentence. Apparently, the federal judge that presided over the case is a dog lover.

As usual, Dave Zirin has written a great piece about the whole thing over at the Edge of Sports. This passage really hit me:

“The truth is that there is something perverse about animal rights fanatics baying for jail time outside the courthouse when there is so much good old fashioned human suffering that needs attention. I was in New Orleans shortly after Vick’s plea, and a young woman asked me, “Do you think if people knew how many pets died in Katrina, more people would care about what we are going through?”

I’m not going to defend Vick’s actions. At the same time, it is a joke to me that our country’s federal courts are busy convicting Michael Vick for dogfighting and possibly Barry Bonds for taking steroids. The leaders of our country (mostly rich, White, suited up politicians) have the blood of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians on their hands. They have the blood of thousands of innocent Gulf Coast residents killed by the inadequate response to Katrina on their hands. And yet, they are free and Vick will go to jail. Are you happy, America? Does your world feel safer with Vick and possibly Barry Bonds behind bars?


3 responses to “Vick Jailed: Are You Happy, America?

  1. Fa Real. Ya’ll feel any fuckin safer. Bullshit. Racist ass bullshit.

  2. Those pictures say it all. Jaded, ignorant, privileged white people lining up to lynch someone who killed dogs, when 35 Iraqi people died today. Vick shoulda had more sense than that and is stupid for infilcting harm on lviing things and jeaopardizing his future, but let’s put things in perspective. What if we talk about how Scooter Libby gets to walk around free ’cause his thumb is up Bush’s ass. Maybe they woulda came to rescue Katrina victims sooner if the press showed cute puppies drowning.

    Im all for protecting animals and all that PETA ish, but you got some fucked up priorties if you put an animal’s life before a human being’s.

    Y’all ready to move to Canada yet?

  3. Ahahah I’m still not ready to be a Canuck but I am ready to roll up the sleeves with my comrades and make this fucking country what we want it to be. Mitch and Sen keep doing you, yall are beautiful (no homo…phobia).

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